Tune into Knapsack

The Knapsack technology makes transferring non-video data over TV streams possible.

Our file-casting data transfer technology is capable of embedding up to 8GB of digital content daily in a standard TV stream, and broadcasting it to a specific geographical location, no matter how remote. The Knapsack TV stream appears in the list of channels, just like any other broadcast satellite channel.

The Knapsack team curates digital content daily, and encodes it into a digital satellite TV stream. This content will be streaming for 24 hours.
Knapsack users tune into the Knapsack satellite TV broadcast through their satellite receivers. They record the Knapsack broadcast for the specified amount of time (approx. 2 hours)
The recording of the Knapsack broadcast is decoded into the different digital files originally encoded by the Knapsack curation team, using our software in a computer.
Did you know this process can be automated to receive and decode new content daily? Learn more about the
Knapsack Content Hub

Knapsack’s Features

Global Coverage
Using existing satellite networks, and with the flexibility to use digital terrestrial channels as well, Knapsack’s datacasting technology allows for truly continental coverage. Everyone under the umbrella of these existing ranges can gain access to quality digital content, even if they would normally be outside the reach of more traditional communications infrastructure.
Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use
No additional hardware is needed beyond a common Free-to-air (FTA) satellite system. The technology is designed to be quick to set up, and exceptionally easy to learn and use. A single dish and receiver setup can provide content for an entire community.
Format-agnostic Content
Knapsack’s data-casting technology is able to transmit a wide variety of digital content. Whether it’s PDF, JPEG, HTML, MP3, or another format. A simple USB drive connected to the satellite set-top box stores the information, allowing the user to later connect the drive to a smartphone or computer, and view the content in its original form using our decoding and file viewer software.
Public Use, No Footprint
Our patented technology is secure and anonymous, using only one-way communication. The content you decide to view cannot be monitored, and your personal information is never gathered nor shared.

All you need to start receiving our content

Our users receive the files by recording our TV stream, and using Knapsack for Hope's free Extractor software to extract and view the embedded files on their Android mobile/tablet or PC device

Free to Air TV Satellite or Digital Terrestrial TV system.
USB memory stick or external hard disk.
PC/Notebook with Windows 7 or later. Smartphone/Tablet with Android 5.1 or later and an OTG cable or flash memory with a micro-USB port.
That’s all the required hardware. Curious about our software?
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We've got you covered
Knapsack for Hope currently has coverage in North America, Central America, North of Colombia and Venezuela, parts of the Caribbean and West Asia. Get in touch with us to learn more about our coverage in your region, or to inquire about new coverage regions.
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Download Knapsack's user manual for detailed instructions on installing the software, recording the datas stream, and opening content packages.